ARK Survival Evolved: Full Version is Coming Really Soon!

ARK: Survival Evolved is avaible to play since 2015 but it was closed beta. At last, full version is coming! Today, game is coming to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Because of this, Studio Wildcard is posting new content to attract attention. This update is really amazing and big, they added lots of content to their game.

New music, new story, new end game content, otter, phoenixes and Ragnarok DLC package came with this update. Ragnarok is created from community managers and it adds new big island.

ARK Survival Evolved Full Version

People were waiting this update for a long time. They were decided to publish this game too long time ago but they changed their mind.

They were doubled the price of this game. People became really angry because of this, but they didn’t do anything for this. The price is a bit high, so it can be hard for you to buy this game. You have to pay lots of money to buy it. It’s really bad.

But game is really good and somehow they deserve that money. If you’re playing with your friends, you must to buy this game. But if you’re alone, this game will be a bit hard for you. So lets go and get new friends and buy this game.