Assassin’s Creed Origins: This Game is Incredibly Amazing!

Ubisoft’s new game Assassin’s Creed Origins is awesome. The game will be in Egypt, so there will be lots of pyramids in this game.

It’s awesome because these pyramids will be incredible buildings. We will be able to get in them and search them.

We will learn their history and lots of other things. These assassins are incredible and have lots of amazing memories, we will discover these memories.

So if you are got bored from all older Assassin’s Creed games, Assassin’s Creed Origins is not like them. This game is really different and better then them.

This time Ubisoft is going from the right way. Their new game will be amazing and people will start playing it.

New buildings, new talent system, new maps, new characters and amazing story. Don’t miss this game, buy this after the release.

Ubisoft can make some mistakes, maybe game can be buggy. But they will fix them for sure, they must. They did this game in 4 years, its really long time.

So lets wait and see what happens. I think this time everything will be different and this game will be in the top. Me and lots of players waiting this game, so lets hope, just hope guys. Come on Ubisoft, do it right this time!