ASUS ROG New Laptop: Chimera!

I love Asus laptops. High quality is most important thing for me. They created new laptop, Asus ROG Chimera.

Their laptops looks really cool. Their fans are good, so laptops are cold enough.

We Will Love Asus ROG Chimera

Soru lets look. Asus ROG Chimera has Core i7-7820K CPU and GTX 1080 graphic card. You can play every game with this system, it’s incredibly powerful.

At the keyboard, there is a button for XBOX app and you can use XBOX ONE controller with this laptop. It’s really amazing for console players, they will be really happy because of this reason.

Laptop’s Photo

asus rog chimera

The screen is 17.3 inch with Full HD resolution and 144 Hz + 7 ms. These details are really good.

Asus ROG Chimera

This laptop is first 144 Hz, so it looks like this one won’t be the last one. Also with this laptop, you’re able to use NVidia G-Sync.

Asus did something good. This laptop can beat lots of desktops. It is really powerful and you can do everything with it.

You can record games, play games, watch videos and more than this. Do everything you want with this incredible laptop.

I will buy one for myself if it will be cheap, because these details are really amazing. Lets hope that it won’t be expensive, so we can buy it easily.