Diablo 3 Review: We Played With Monk and It’s Really Powerful!

Hello guys! Today, we played Diablo 3. This Diablo 3 Review was amazing. Actually, there was lots of classes but we choosed Monk. Because, monk is really powerful and fast class.

I really enjoy playing with Monk and suggest you to play with it, because his skills are really strong. You can beat your enemies fast and collect them.

Diablo 3 is Really Awesome!

Diablo 3 is hack and slash game. You choose a class and you play with it. There is lots of dungeons which you can enter and play for an hours. You’re able to play with your friends, just invite them to your game and play! We got lots of fun at Diablo 3 Review.

New Diablo III Necromancer update is not that good but if you want to play with Necromancer class, you must to pay. Necromancer is really good class but I’m not sure that it’s worth it or not.

Diablo 3 Review

You must to decide before buying Necromancer DLC. It’s a bit expensive but Necromancer class is really powerful. If you never played Diablo 3, I really suggest you to play because it’s really good game and I enjoy when playing it.

Monk and Wizard is really powerful at this moment, so you can pick one of them and start playing this game. Why you’re waiting? Just buy it and start playing, we suggest it!