Hearthstone Knights of The Frozen Throne Adventure: Guide 1!

Hey, Hearthstone player. Are you stuck at Hearthstone Knights of The Frozen Throne Adventure? I am here to help you about this situation. We played first 2 wings today and that was really fun.

If you didn’t played Hearthstone Knights of The Frozen Throne Expansion yet, I suggest you to play, because i really enjoyed when playing it.

We Worked Hard For You!

So, we played The Prologue and The Lower Citadel Wings. If you didn’t finish them yet, so you can watch the video and learn how to do this. Lord Marrowgar and Lady Deathwhisper was easier then Deathbringer Saurfang but we won against all of them.

First episode was against The Lich King and Tirion, at the start, we fight against The Lich King and he beats us easily, after that The Lich King gives us a power, we became The Death Knight Jaina and start to fight against Tirion. The fight against Tirion was really easy, because The Death Knight Jaina is really powerful.

Hearthstone Knights of The Frozen Throne Adventure Guide 1

Lord Marrowgar’s special ability was healing herself to full health for 0 mana. It was really powerful hero power but we won against her with Uther of the Ebon Blade. Our hero power helped us a lot.

Deathbringer Saurfang was a bit harder. We attacked him with Pirate – Taunt warrior deck. He played really good cards but we were better then him.

The last fight was against Lady Deathwhisper, that one was the easiest enemy for us. Because we used full health + windfury combo to beat her. The next wings will be here soon.