Life is Strange Before The Storm: Coming Really Soon!

Hey, how’re you Life is Strange lovers? Actually me, love to draw my future myself. Telltale games are created because of this reason as you know.

Some Telltale games are terrible, some are not. If you played Minecraft Story Mode and The Walking Dead Story Mode, you know what I mean. Life is Strange: Before The Storm is coming.

Life is Strange is Good Game

Square Enix is interesting company, because they did something better than Telltale games. Actually I enjoy their games more than Telltale’s. Our choices change everything.

This time new Life is Strange game is coming. This game will teach us how to create games like this. We’ll play Chloe’s 3 year and it’ll be amazing experience for us.

Life is Strange Before the Storm Trailer

Butterfly effect, space-time changing effects are incredibly important abilities. I love to play this game like this, because I get lots of fun.

What do you think about new Life is Strange game, can they achieve good rank this time? I hope they will because they’re really good at doing game like this one.

So lets wait together and hope guys. Lots of adventures are waiting us and I really wanna play them. Chloe and her friends will join to a new adventure and we will create their future. So lets wait together and play this game. Come on Square Enix, you can do this!