Minecraft Cheats for PC Players: Do Everything You Want!

Hello everyone. Today, I’ll share my secret Minecraft Cheat Codes with you. I know that sometimes this game became so hard and you won’t be able to do what you really want to do. So, if you stuck at somewhere, if you need help, we’re here to help you about this situtation. Minecraft cheats are here to help us.

Let’s get start. First of all, you need to open “Allow Minecraft Cheats” button before start your game. If you didn’t do that, you can simply click “Esc” from your keyboard and click the “Allow Cheats” button. Thats that easy ??

If you’re ready, now you can start to enter Minecraft In Game Cheats. There is a few codes that can help you a lot. If you want to type these codes, you must to open your chat pannel, “T” or “C” button will do it if you didn’t changed your keyboard buttons.

If you play GTA 5 too, you can find GTA 5 Cheats in our website. Actually, it’s easier to use cheat codes with GTA 5. Minecraft cheats are a bit hard to use :).

Minecraft Cheat Codes:

If you want to change your mode to survival, type “/gamemode 0”, for creative mode, type “/gamemode 1”, for adventure mode, type “/gamemode 2”, for spectator mode, type “/gamemode 3”.

minecraft cheats

Okay, these are our main Minecraft Cheats. You can change your game mode with these. If you need to keep your items after death, type “/gamerule keepInventory true”.

As another option, you can kill players in game. If you’ll type “/kill @a”, you’ll kill all players in game. If you’ll type “/kill @e”, you’ll kill random player.

Other Minecraft Cheats:

We have few potion effect codes for you, if you’ll type “/effect (your nick) 5 (time) (1-255)”, you’ll be stronger. There is few more potion codes but I want from you to get fun. Just try this code with different numbers (change the 5 number with 1, 2, 3 etc) and you’ll gain different potion effects. It’ll be amazing to try this.

And I’m sharing 2 more codes with you. If you want to change the weather to noon, type “/time set 6000”, for midnight, type “/time set 18000”.

It’s that easy! Now you can do everything you wanted to do in Minecraft. If you don’t have Minecraft yet, you can buy it with this link: https://minecraft.net

Have fun!