Need for Speed Payback Gameplay: PC Video Published!

Need for Speed. I love this name. My childhood was this name. Need for Speed Payback Gameplay is ready. As you know, Need for Speed was going terrible last times. With every new Need for Speed game, I hoped again and again.

NFS Payback Is Coming Soon!

But the worst thing was that NFS never become good game in last times. Need for Speed Most Wanted (first one) and Need for Speed Underground 2 were PERFECT games.

This time, I think that something can change again. NFS community works really hard this time. At 10th November 2017, Need for Speed Payback Gameplay is here for you.

PC, PS4 and Xbox One users will be able to play this game. This is good because NFS is really good at consoles.

Need For Speed Payback Gameplay Video

They shared a new video with GTX 180Ti graphic card at 4K resolution with 60 FPS. Graphics looks INCREDIBLY AMAZING but we’re scaring from big downgrade, so lets hope they won’t downgrade this game.

The cars’ details, ground, environment looks good. Maybe they can improve something but it’s cool like that. If they won’t downgrade this game, if they’ll let us to go everywhere in map, if they’ll do something good this time, I’ll buy this game and suggest it to my friends. Come on Electronic Arts, help us!