NVIDIA’s New GPU Driver: 385.41 is Incredibly Important!

NVIDIA shared new GPU driver, GeForce 385.41 WHQL version. This one looks like same like the other driver updates, but it’s not same. NVIDIA workers looks like worked really hard on this update. This GPU driver is good

I know that you’ll ask why. So let me to explain. With this update, lot’s of games optimization increased. If you are Destiny 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, ARK: Survival Evolved, F1 2017, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 or Quake Champions player, you MUST to install this NVIDIA driver.

NVIDIA Works Hard

This update helped a lot of player to get more FPS on their computers. I think NVIDIA is scaring from AMD and because of this reason, they’re trying to be better than them.

I think they can be successful at this. Their grapichers are really good at this work, because these drivers help us a lot.


nvidia new driver

These NVIDIA engineers looks like used their times for optimize the games, because they fixed only one problem. Some GTX 970 players had low FPS on Lawbreakers game, with this update, this problem completely fixed. So if you have GTX 970 and playing Lawbreakers game, you need to install this update to fix it.

If NVIDIA will continue to work like this, they can be best at this war. AMD is a good company but it looks like NVIDIA works better than them. So let’s hope that this war continues, because if they’ll fight with each other, it’ll be good for us.