Overwatch’s New Incredible Map Published: Junkertown!

PC players now able to play at this map. If you’re downloaded the Public Test Realm (PTR), you’re able to play at this map. Overwatch Junkertown map is amazing!

Junkertown Map is incredible big and maps’ graphics are awesome. I really love to play at this map.

Junkertown is not avaible to play at Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you have one of them, you have to wait, otherwise you can’t play at this amazing map.

Overwatch Junkertown Map

This map added with awesome Deathmatch modes, so this one was a big day for Overwatch. Blizzard adds really good maps for Overwatch, they love to update their games. They added lots of heroes as you now.

Map Video

Blizzard is really good company but they’re a bit slow. They must to be faster for their players. Because players don’t like to wait too much. At least me don’t like to wait.

But their updates are really good and they improve their games really good. Let’s hope that they’ll go on, won’t stop. Blizzard is a big company and if they’ll continue to work on their games, player will continue to play their games. This map will be avaible in normal game as soon as possible. Blizzard will check this map in PTR and after that we’ll be able to play in this map.

Here is a mini comic for Junkertown: https://comic.playoverwatch.com/en-us/junkertown-wasted-land