Pro Evolution Soccer News: PES 2018 Demo is Ready!

Amazing news, PES 2018 demo demo version is ready for download. You can download the demo to your PS 4 console. It’s completely free, so just download it.

They said that the demo version will be avaible for PS 4, XBOX ONE, PS 3, XBOX 360 and maybe for PC really soon. Pro Evolution Soccer Demo is ready.

We were waiting for this, so lets get it. Download it and start playing now. Only 10 club will be here but it’s enough for test the game.

PES 2018 Demo Is Ready

So it’s really good that they did it early. I was waiting for this demo and will try it. There will be 2 stadiums, not too much but enough for now.

pes 2018 demo ready

And there will be 2 mods for us to play. The first one is exhibition match. We can play offline with this mode. The other mode is CO-OP. We will be able to play with our friends.

You Can Play It With Your Friends

It’s good that they added CO-OP mode. I love to play with my friends, I’ll play with them soon. The only bad thing is the teams are old, they use 2017 database for now. If you want to play with newest database, you must to wait a bit. They will add new database for normal game, so no need to worry.

Official announcement page: