New Map Is Coming for Amazing Game: PUBG Desert Map!

As you know, PUBG is at the top of the lists in these days. PUBG is a survival game and lots of players were looking for a good survival game for a long time. At last, PUBG became best survival game. I think this new PUBG Desert Map will be most popular map in this game.

Actually myself, love to play PUBG with my friends. We love to play it because we can do anything we want. If we want to attack, we attack. If we want to camp to somewhere, we do it. There is no one who tries to stop us.

It’s Really Cool New Map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new map is coming. PUBG Desert Map announced from Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. PUBG new map is created from dust and coming to our game. Specific time isn’t announced yet but this new desert map will be published before PUBG snow map.

Is That New PUBG Desert Map Good?

I think that this map will be fascinating for all players. I’m looking forward. I hope they will bring this map as fast as it possible. New buildings look incredibly big.

pubg desert map

It looks like yellow t-shirts, shoes, pants and hats will be popular after this release. We can camp at the top of these sands and no one can stop us, because they won’t be able to see us. This map will be amazing!

If you don’t have PUBG yet, you can buy it from Steam. Here, you can check and buy it: PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Steam Store