PUBG Broke Lots of Records: They Are Best in Steam!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is incredible game and people prove it in 27 August. For the first time in Steam history, a game has passed Dota 2 and CS:GO.

That means PUBG is the best game right now for players. Yeah, you heard me right.

It’s not ending like that. There is lots of different records for this game. They broke 7 million barrage and they became most sold game at one platform in 2017.

PUBG New Record

I’ve never seen something in my life. And the most interesting thing is that this game is still in early access. This is a big achievement, so we must to congratulate them. They deserve it.

pubg new record

But they must to improve this game. There is still lots of bugs and some computers still can’t run this game with good FPS. Some people don’t have good graphic card but still want to play this game, so game devs must to help them.

H1Z1 Is Fighting Against H1Z1 But It’s Not Working 🙁

They’re so lucky, they earned lots of money. H1Z1 made lots of mistakes but PUBG team didn’t do what they did wrong. I suggest you to buy some Twitch Prime PUBG items from steam market, if they can maintain their place, these items’ price will increase for sure, because people won’t be able to get these items again.