Razer Nextbit Smart Phone is Coming: It Will Be Amazing!

Razer announced that they’ll publish a new phone. They bough Nextbit company to get their cloud based Robin smart phone. That’s amazing news because really soon, they’ll publish this new phone to gamers. Razer Nextbit is coming.

Any Announcements for Razer Nextbit?

They announced that they’ll announce something at 1th November. We believe that this announcement will be about this new phone. Because they published a photo about this:

razer nextbit

Actually, Razer is an awesome company and I love them. Their products are really good but a bit expensive. Because of that, it’s a bit hard to buy Razer products. But I’m sure that I will buy this phone because they’re doing something interesting and I really want to test it.

When Will I Be Able To Buy It?

Soon, we’ll be able to buy this phone. I’m waiting for this day. This phone must have a really good hardware, because as you know, this Razer Nextbit is created for gamers. I think that we’ll be able to play a lot of games from our phones. It’ll be a little bit expensive maybe but it’ll be good for us.

Hope that they’ll do it good. Otherwise this company will lose a lot of money. Because of that I’m sure they’ll be successful at this. Let’s wait and see what happens. Hope that it won’t be to much expensive and it’ll have a good hardware. You can check Razer Nextbit Forums: https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?forums/nextbit/