Xbox One X Scorpio Edition is Coming: You Will Love It!

Microsoft shared new news! Microsoft’s strong console will come at 7th November. The console will be full black and at the top of that, you’ll be able to see ‘Xbox One X Scorpio’ name.

When Will I Be Able To Buy Xbox One X Scorpio Edition?

Xbox One X Scorpio special console will be avaible to buy at 7th November with Xbox One X console at the same time. If you want to buy the special edition, you must to hurry because it’ll be avaible for a short time.

I know that some people love black consoles, so this console is created for you. If you love to buy a black game console, Xbox One X Project Scorpio will be your angel.

Is It Worth to Buy Xbox One X Scorpio?

Actually, Project Scorpio version is a bit expensive then normal Xbox One X version, but I think it completely worth it. Now I want to ask why Microsoft created special edition? I think they want more money then usual, because Xbox One didn’t sell a lot, so maybe they need more money, why not?

As you can see guys, Microsoft’s secret name called “Project Scorpio” is coming. Let’s get ready for it. I am very excited about this. Are you? I think you too. So, let’s wait together, let the Xbox One X be with you! Here is Xbox One X’s official website: